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April 14, 2017

3 Tips for Staging Your Home

Staging your home effectively could be a key to helping it sell quickly. Keep reading to get some tips on how to excel at this seemingly daunting task, even if you're still living in the residence.

Get Rid of Clutter

Disorganized spaces are very unappealing and they may cause people to have bad impressions about your home even if the structure itself is quite spacious and could be organized well under the right circumstances. Start by removing all unnecessary things from the home and donating them to charities if possible. Then use things like shelves, baskets, cubes, and boxes to make and keep things tidy.


Showcase Your Home's Functionality

Perhaps there's a room of your home that was mostly used to keep junk out of sight. While staging your home, you can boost the residence's overall value by repurposing that space into something more useful and attractive. You might turn a small room into a reading corner or place for meditating. By making a part of your abode more purposeful, you're not only making it look nice for potential new owners, you're giving yourself and other household occupants more reasons to enjoy it while the home's on the market.

Listen to Your Real Estate Agent

Real estate specialists often have years of experience when it comes to buying, selling, and finding homes. Jackie Birnbaum of Best Broward Homes is a great example. She has worked with the Keller Williams Agency since 2012 and been a top-producing agent.

Regardless of which real estate agent you hire, take his or her advice about ways you could improve your home's appearance. They might recommend grouping furniture in certain ways to make spaces look more open or suggest changing the curtains in the living room, so they feature a more modern pattern.

As you can see from these ideas, staging your home isn't difficult as long as you take a thoughtful approach. For more real estate-related assistance, depend on the trustworthy insight of Jackie Birnbaum from Best Broward Homes.

March 24, 2017

Thinking of Renting Your Home? Here Are the Top Reasons Why You Should Think Twice:

The prices for rentals and homes for sale have again reached very high levels this past year. The average price growth in 2016 was $11,000 in increasing home values nationwide.

If you own a home that you do not live in anymore and wonder if it is better to sell or rent the home, take a minute to read here more about the pros and cons of renting or selling a home in this economy:

Renting Your Home

Homes can generate a steady income and are of course a great investment when rented, but being a landlord also comes with responsibilities. For example, you need to be available for your tenants when they need repairs and have emergencies. Another option is hiring someone and pay them for property management, but in the end, that comes out of your bottom line.

Consider the cost of the general upkeep of the home and your "carrying costs" every month, such as mortgage, property taxes, association fees, and insurance. After a few years the roofs, air conditioners, appliances, and bathrooms may need repairs, updating or replacement and that eats away profits from your rental income.

Another con to think about is that renters will soon not be able to pay the ever-increasing rental prices, as wage increases have been minimal for years now. 

Not only will renters be at risk to afford these high rents, they also cause more wear and tear in a property, resulting in more repairs on your home. 

With still rising prices this year, but a great uncertainty of how long these increases will be sustainable, 2017 is a great year to sell a home, versus renting. This is the year to maximize the equity of your home and invest it again or save it before a market change occurs.

Selling Your Home

In the current housing market, one can only wonder how long prices will rise and when consumers no longer be able to afford to buy a home. We are steadily reaching the same price levels that we had in 2006 and before the housing market crashed.

Affordability is a great problem for those first-time homebuyers and for those who would like to move up!

On top of that, the inventory of homes for sale in Broward County is very low, so the demand of buyers for great affordable homes is huge, but the supply of homes for sale is low.

 This is the perfect scenario for what we call a "seller's market."

Since markets tend to shift every 5-8 years and affordability being a big problem, it could be that we reach the highest home prices and after that, a period of "price corrections" could follow, which means that prices may fall again.

I met many sellers in 2008 that were "upside down" with the value of their income properties and they wished they had sold their investments before the market crashed and would have made a huge profit. 

Hindsight is 20/20 and good timing is everything!


Contact me today if you own a home in Broward County and not sure if you should sell or rent it!

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March 20, 2017

DIY Smart Home Projects That Can Be Finished In A Single Afternoon

Are you interested in upgrading your home from a technological standpoint? Then consider the mobile app friendly home integrated systems you can install. Here are some of the top innovations that are worthy of considerations:

·         Control your lights: have you ever wanted to turn off the lights while relaxing on your couch and were too lazy to get up? Then you should sync up your smartphone with the lighting system. For most people, the smartphone is within arms reach around the clock. So effectively, the switch to your lights will be accessible anywhere in the house.

·         USB outlets: nowadays, USB ports allow us not only to connect our devices but also to power them up. Having USB ports scattered around your home gives you much more freedom to charge, connect, and sync up your mobile devices.

·         Home security: there are apps that can sync up with the security features of your home. This includes CCTV cameras, sensors, door alarms, and so on. You also get to have the peace of mind that your home is safe while thousands of miles away since the security system would be connected via the internet. 


Maybe you're looking to buy a home with these great capabilities. I would love to assist you in finding your new dream home! Check out the Featured Properties and I'd be glad to get you started.


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Feb. 15, 2017

Tips For a Successful Home Move With Your Pet

When you're moving, there is a long list of things to do in regards to your furniture and various boxes. However, it's important to remember to see things from your pet’s point of view. To ensure that your pet has a smooth transition from one home to another consider these tips:

  • Car sickness: if your pet suffers from car sickness then get prescribed medication from a vet. Do this ahead of time, so that you don’t have to squeeze it in a few days before the move with your busy schedule.
  • Secured: during the move, the pets should be secured for their own safety and so that they don’t get in the way. For example, don’t keep a cat on your lap. Invest in a cat cage, it's far more practical. Make sure the cage the animal is placed in is in a well-balanced environment and nothing is going to fall on top during transit. Also, ventilation must be considered if you are using a custom made cage. 
  • Long distance: for long distance moves take plenty of breaks to allow your pet a chance to go to the “toilet” and drink some water. Perhaps take them on a 15-minute walk to reduce the stress of the journey. 

Are you looking to move to Florida? I'd be happy to be of assistance! Check out the various homes we have available throughout the Fort Lauderdale area, here


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Jan. 20, 2017

Home Selling: Doing it The Right Way

I usually advise people who are about to sell their properties to seek professional help from expert agents. However, there is no harm in learning the process yourself so you make sure everything goes as you planned. If you know how to play your cards well, then your agent could get the best out of your selling deal by saving more money. If you want to proceed with your selling process, then here are some tips to help you do so:

1- Make some changes:

I keep telling people that the return on investment is really huge when you do some improvements and repairs to your home, yet, some of them still ignore this advice. If you wonder how real estate investors make a lot of money just flipping properties, I will answer with one word "improvements." They buy a home, do some repairs and improvements to make it appeal and then flip it again for huge profit. While you don't really need to be a real estate investor to know how to do these things, painting the house, cleaning it and fixing damages could increase its value by a great deal.

2- Don't get emotional:

An issue that today's home sellers face is that they get too emotional when it comes to selling their homes, especially if it is their first ones. If you want to get the best deal for your home, then you need to price it correctly according to the market condition.

3- Get a good home inspector:

It's true that the buyer will mostly get their own inspector, but having your property inspected could give you some insights about what you can do to improve it even more. An inspected home is safer and tends to sell better than a non- inspected one.

4- Use the web:

Many people seem not to realize the power of today's web yet. Using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube could get you fast deals if that's what you want. Try to upload a video on YouTube showing your home to make your deal even more transparent. I've seen many real estate investors who rely solely on social media to get leads to their businesses and that what you need to do as well.

From my own experience, I can tell you that the single one reason homes sell is because their sellers offer something that their competition doesn't. If you make your house appeal by doing minor yet very powerful adjustments, you could easily get the deal that best suits your home.

Well, selling your home could come in a bit simple, but only professionals can help you sell your home the best way. BestBrowardHomes is a company that will sell your home and also help you get the best homes in Broward County, Florida.

We also offer a really powerful search engine that lets you search available and sold listings in every city of Broward County. You also get access to all available properties in Miami. With BestBrowardsHomes, you get the best home selling and home buying services.


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Dec. 14, 2016

DIY Projects for Your New Broward Home

Moving into a new home will be an exciting process, especially if it is the first home you have ever bought. Sometimes your new home may not be that "new" and you're looking to add your own touch. The following are some fun DIY tips for updating your new home:

·         Replace doors: one way of altering the decor and overall look of your home is to change the doors. It’s relatively easy to do and with so many options to choose from you have the ability to make your own imprint on your new home.

·         Storage solutions: nowadays there are plenty of clever storage solutions that make the most of the space that’s available. Having new storage solutions will be especially important if you have lots of stuff that you have transferred over from your old address.

·         Wood deck: if there is a wooden deck in the garden then you should try to give it a new look by cleaning it. Buy a deck cleaner from your local hardware store, and after you could use a wood stain to alter the visual aesthetics of the wood.

 These are great tips for making a new home, yours. Maybe you are thinking of moving and wondering how to make your home the best it can be. Contact me if you're ready to start your search or visit our Market Report Search tool to see where your perfect home may be. 

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Nov. 28, 2016

Personal Finance Advice For New Homeowners

Are you a new homeowner and are trying to keep on top of your finances? As a new homeowner, you might get overwhelmed with the number of new purchases and expenditures that must be made, and quickly lose track of it all. Here are some expenses you should consider in order to keep your personal finances in shape:

  • Maintenance and repair costs: ideally you should take into account the maintenance and repairs costs before buying a home. However, it’s common for unforeseen surprises to present themselves before and after purchasing a home. Therefore, having extra funds for such instances would help.
  • Rise in property taxes: as a rule of thumb, property taxes tend to rise, and you have to allocate funds towards this increasing cost. For example, $476 billion was collected in property taxes in 2010, but in 2000 that figure was only at $247 billion. The hike in taxes can be instant, instead of slowly increasing over time.
  • Create a new budget: the living expenses in your current property might have changed and for that reason you need to reassess how much spending money you have towards things such like entertainment and food. 

Remember that purchasing a new home will be a fun and exciting time. Finding that perfect house is just the beginning of the adventures it will bring to your family. Are you ready to purchase a new home? Visit our buying section and I will be happy to find you that beautiful home. 

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Oct. 26, 2016

Real Estate Advice for this Fall

The fall real estate market is actually the second most productive time of the year to sell your home, after the spring season. However, before showcasing your property to potential buyers, don’t forget to present it in the most positive light possible. Here are a few maintenance tips to get your real estate ready for viewing:

·         Tree trimming: the summer season can wreak havoc on the trees in the yard. Take a closer look at your trees and keep an eye out for loose branches. Hire a tree trimming company to remove the dead or loose branches to tidy up the overall visual appearance of your yard.

·         De-clutter: it’s important for a potential buyer to envision themselves in your home. However, it can be hard to achieve that if the house is cluttered with your belongings. So remove as much as you can from the eyes of the viewers. Make use of the garage, attic and storage spaces to hide as many items as you can.


·         Structural examination: hire a service to perform a structural examination of the property. Most savvy buyers will ask for one to be carried out anyway. To avoid a deal collapsing due to repair work ensure they are taken care of ahead of time. 

April 15, 2016

Enjoy Gorgeous Lake Views From This W-Sunrise Home !


12614 NW 12th Court, Sunrise, FL 33323

Offered At $304,900

Won't Last !
Home For Sale W-Sunrise, FloridaDon't miss out on this well kept 3 bedroom single family home in W-Sunrise, Florida.

This home has a great floorplan, offers 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, a one car garage, raised entry level and has 2 stories with all bedrooms upstairs.

On the ground floor there is a living/dining area, family room, kitchen and a guest bath.

What I like the most about the home is it's beautiful lakefront and the screened in patio where relaxing or entertaining is a true pleasure.

The floors are all tile downstairs and wood laminate upstairs, the master bedroom offers  a walk-in closet, nice master bath and again great lake views to wake up to every morning !

The home is located ideally in Broward County, in the community "Residences Of Sawgrass Mills", Flamingo Bay subdivision, and one of the largest malls in all of Florida is located just 5 minutes away with an array of restaurants, shopping and a movie theater, all major stores, hospitals, highways are close by and has great public schools.

The community features a swimming pool and the elementary school is in walking distance.

The house is an ideal starter home or great for empty nesters, who like to downsize to a home that is manageable, but still offers the Florida outdoor life style with a nice fenced yard, a patio and the great views.


For more information or a showing of this home, contact Jackie Birnbaum PA today !

Dir: 305-519-7471


Feb. 19, 2016

5260 SW 10th Court, Plantation, FL 33317 - Offered For Sale At $364.900

Home For Sale Plantation, FL

I sold this gorgeous 4/2 pool home six years ago to my clients, who are now moving out of town and the home is for sale, which is another great opportunity to own a home with large backyard, no homeowners association, in desired E-Plantation, FL.

The home, kept in great condition by its previous and current owners, is located on a quiet street in Plantation Park featuring a one story ranch style building with a great split floor plan. It offers a living/dining area, large kitchen, family room and four large bedrooms.

Hurricane impact glass sliding doors lead to the patio from the dining room, family room and master bedroom.

The entire home was recently equipped with new hurricane impact windows, doors and a new garage door for ultimate protection in hurricane season and is therefore extremely energy-efficient, with low utility costs.

Both bathrooms come with dual sinks, the master bath has a shower and the second bathroom comes with a bathtub/shower combination.

Homes For Sale Plantation, FL

The yard is spectacular, large with plenty of space for entertaining, or just relaxing.

There is a large screened-in, covered patio with ceiling fans, overlooking the solar heated, salt-water pool.

Plenty of space on the sides of the building to park a boat or RV.

Plantation Park is a quiet, sought after neighborhood in E-Plantation, with quick access to 2 major highways and shopping, restaurants, hospitals, colleges are only a 5-10 minutes drive away.

Plantation Heritage Park, is in walking distance from this home, as well as Plantation Park Elementary - and South Plantation High Schools.

For more information about this beautiful home, please contact:

Jackie Birnbaum PA

Dir: (305)519-7471


Keller Williams Realty Partners SW

2000 NW 150th Ave, Ste 1100

Pembroke Pines, FL 33028